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What is OPNUS?

We, Opnus, is a lock manufacturer. We mainly provide apartment door locks in Japan.
We provide the following values for apartment owners and managers.
・Make the apartment key management more efficient
・Provide the resident service
・More higher security system


Our goal for the U.S. market

With “En comfort! Management. En joyful! Security.” mind,
we are planning to design and develop an apartment lock for the U.S. market.
Specifically, we are developing the electronic lock (smart lock).
Connecting with smartphones and cloud systems,
we can provide the better service for resident and make the key management more efficient.
We are now doing the market research and analytics of the U.S. apartment management companies and builders.
We would like to make alliance with companies who can make the could system.
We can provide the better service with collaboration with our company. The company can sell their product too.
For more information, please see the page below.


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