About Opnus

We are Opnus, a Japanese lock manufacturer. We mainly provide multi-family locks in Japan.
Our strong point is the unique development method considering the customer needs and the end users lifestyle.



Our top selling product is the multi-family lock named “Memolis”.
In general, when a tenant moves out, the manager has to remove the door cylinder and buy a new one to install again.
This process is done by a locksmith or maintenance staff and it is expensive and time consuming.
In Japan, this cost is from about $180 to $270 each.

One of the best features of “Memolis” is reducing that cost.
Instead of changing the cylinder, you can set a new key only by inserting and rotating a “changing key”.
Anyone can re-key with a simple action and there is no need to buy a new cylinder.
This can reduce the running costs for apartment management.

Not only reducing the cost. You can also re-key when a tenant loses his key to protect your property.
Thanks to these features, we have sold over 1 million units in the Japanese apartment market.


This unique product made from the end users’ lifestyle needs is called “Eyezu”, which shows you whether lock has been locked or not.


In Japan, 30% of robberies are caused by forgetting to lock the door.
Also, we sometimes rush out of our homes and we become worried about whether the door has been locked or not when we get to the office.
It is troublesome to go back home just to check whether your door is locked or not.

By using “Eyezu”, you can check whether you locked the door without having to go back home.
The sign of Eyezu shows your last action. The orange sign will appear when you lock the door and disappear when you open the door.
You don’t need to worry about batteries because Eyezu is totally battery-free!
It’s mechanical. Our customers really love this feature so that one of the biggest home builders in Japan uses Eyezu.

Plan for the USA market

With our experience, we are planning to design and develop a multi-family lock for the American market.
In detail, our goal is to sell a new product by 2020.
We will decide the lock specifications and start development in 2018.
A prototype will appear in late 2018.
We are doing the market research and analytics of the American apartment management companies and builders.

We are planning to make the smart locks for multi-family that are compatible with many systems and devices
(the common area reader, the management software and the garage system etc.) for property management.
We are planning to do business and make alliances with the companies who can make or sell these systems or devices.
This alliance will allow us to develop products which have strong connections with locks and other systems.
Therefore, the product will be very attractive for apartment managers and developers and our partners can have increased opportunities to sell their products.

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